Piano Performance

Solo and group performances ranging in style from Jazz and Funk to Hip Hop and Latin inspired music.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Headed award winning development teams in both Robotics and Artificial Intelligence competitions.

Teaching and Recording

Lessons for students of all ages and styles as well as a quickly growing recording studio with affordable rates.

Community Projects

Outreach into the community with an emphasis on teaching kids an appreciation and understanding of Robotics and Microcontrollers.

Who I am

Trust me, I'm an engineer.

As a sophomore Computer Engineering and Physics student I enjoy a range of fields from the sciences to humanities. Raised in Highland Park, I grew up with many excellent opportunites to work with world renowned musicians as well as contribute to countless research and design projects.


Important Qualifications

  • Years of hands on design experience...
  • Experience with a range of programming language including: C, C++, C#, Python, HTML, BASIC...
  • Years of both solo and group music performance experience...
  • Trained in a range of software including: Solid Works, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Cubase...
  • Experience leading design teams and record keeping, with a highlight on creative approaches and public speaking...

Notable Awards

Recognition in multiple fields

  • "Wisconsin Idea Award for Innovation"

    Co-leader of award winning artificial intelligence team Melodious
  • "First Place Mason Gross Y.A.P Scholarship"

    First time recipient of a full scholarship to the year long music education program
  • "FIRST Robotics Competition NYC Semi-Finals"

    Founded a team that made it to the NYC semi-finals in our first year competing